Tourism/ Co-op

Whether you are a tour operator looking to attract new customers, or a tourist bureau promoting tourism within your region, Travants can help you. Through our web site, and affiliate networks we have the power to educate potential travelers about new and different tourism opportunities. This point of sale marketing opportunity is one of the most effective venues for all types of advertising. Travelers come to and our affiliate sites seeking help in their travel decisions. Many of these travelers are not yet sure where they want to go, or what they want to do. We offer the ability for these travelers to explore different options as they are presented to them in a user-friendly attractive format. All of the following options are available to be sponsored by any interested party, with a link to your customized content, and to our recommended agents. Additionally, we provide the option to share the cost with one or more of our agents. This will highlight one of our agents as the featured agent, and share the cost.

Featured Destination- We constantly be rotate our Featured Destinations, giving individuals the opportunity to learn about new tourism opportunities. In this way we promote certain areas of travel to our vast audience base.

Featured Activity- Our Featured Activities provide our site visitors the opportunity to look into new travel options that they may never have thought of before.

Trips We Loved!- Travants regular newsletter and home page Trips We Loved! section provide great new ideas for our customers to actually see real trip itineraries. Our regular newsletter shows our vast customer base a select choice of attractive options right in their inbox. The Trips We Loved! section on the home page immediately draws the attention of every visitor to our home page with a number of enticing travel itineraries and options. All of these can be sponsored alone, or in conjunction with one of the agents in the Travants network.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about these and other opportunities.