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Most of the agents in the Travants network have come from the recommendations of industry suppliers and vendors. Getting referrals from travel industry personnel, who deal with hundreds, if not thousands of agents on a regular basis are what have helped make the Travants offering so strong. Help make Travants the best resource for travel service on the Internet, suggest an agent. Obviously, by nominating one of your clients into Travants you will provide more business for that agency. This will help to improve your relationship, and generate more business for you, coming directly from those agents.

By nominating an expert agent that makes it into the Travants network, you will become a "preferred supplier." This entitles you to special discounts and first rights on many of our promotional products. Reduced rates on our marketing packages to agents are just a part of what is available to our "preferred suppliers."

If you know an agent with exceptional expertise, help them join one of the most exclusive travel agent communities around.

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