So, what does it take to be part of one of the most exclusive networks of travel specialists?

Obviously, determining a certain level of knowledge and understanding of a region or activity, coupled with travel expertise, is quite subjective. The Travants agent screening board takes each case one at a time. We require a minimum level of travel industry experience and accreditation. When deciding whether to admit an agent into our network, the most important factor is the agent’s destination or activity fluency. Each agent must have been to their respective area of expertise on more than one occasion, and booked a significant amount of travel in this niche. All agents must demonstrate to us that they will be able to service all of our customers in the highest quality way that we intend. Additionally, presenting our board with one or more references will help us a great deal in determining the quality of the applicants. Other factors that we consider are completion of relevant educational courses and credits. In each case we will take all of these factors into consideration to make sure that we are presenting the public with the best expert travel agents, all in one place.

If you are interested in joining our network, please submit an application and one of our screening board members will contact you directly.