Stats/ Testimonials

Here is what people are saying…

"The big travel sites contain a lot of price and schedule information, but don’t provide the level of service and destination information I am looking for"

"I ended up going to my Travel Agent to book it anyway"

"I am just not comfortable trusting my entire vacation to some online booking engine"

"How can I trust the information that I am reading when it is all provided by someone who wrote it 5 years ago, or worse, the vendors themselves?"

"For the most part, companies haven't been able to come up with Web offerings that mimic a good, human travel consultant."
Josh Friedman, a former travel agent who is senior analyst of on-line travel for Framingham, Mass.-based International Data Corp.

And the numbers…

$143 Billion in travel was purchased through 170,000 travel agents in 1999 [Source: Travel Weekly]

Online travel is expected to grow to $45-50 Billion by 2004 from nearly $7 Billion in 1999 [Source: DLJ Research]

With 27 million households planning their trips online, travel is the most researched product on the Internet [Source: DLJ Research]

And the point…

Complex travel is an enormous market. Current online travel shoppers are not satisfied and looking for a way to fill all of their travel needs in one place. Travants can provide the means with which to attract this market, and keep them coming back!

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