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Webeenthere launches Agent Intranet in partnership with Akulink Corp.

Press Release – 4/25/01

Akulink to provide consolidator airfare search engine to Webeenthere agents

(New York, NY) In an effort to bring the best quality products and services to its member agents, Webeenthere has launched the agent intranet, a comprehensive agents' section featuring travel products, educational materials and other services designed to assist agents with their operations. "We are very excited to announce the launch of our Agent Intranet," explained Webeenthere CEO and founder, David Feit. "This section allows us to provide our agents with top quality products and information. Through our partnership with Akulink our agents will have access to a database of highly desirable consolidator fares."

Akulink's cutting-edge technology and long-term vision with the travel industry were key factors in its selection as a Webeenthere partner. "Akulink is very happy to have been chosen by webeenthere as the first partner for the new Webeenthere agents' section," said Akulink CEO, Serge d'Adesky. "We recognize the benefit to our client consolidators in providing them access to the webeenthere network of agents."

Agents registered with webeenthere will be able to search Akulink's database of fares directly from their accounts online. Webeenthere will continue to seek out ways to bring the best quality products and services to its proprietary network of expert agents.

Akulink was formed with the purpose of designing and promoting new, highly efficient, technology-driven clearinghouses for the commercial exchange of travel related goods and services via the Internet.

Webeenthere, LLC is a travel company representing hundreds of the world's best specialist travel agents. Webeenthere brings service and expertise to the online travel market through its carefully screened network of expert agents. Through its vast breadth of travel expertise, Webeenthere partners with consumer web sites to bring a higher level of travel content. Travel industry suppliers use Webeenthere to get their products and information in front of the best quality specialist agents.