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Webeenthere connects qualified, specialist travel agents with online travelers seeking assurances and expert service.

Press Release – 11/9/00

Webeenthere connects qualified, specialist travel agents with online travelers seeking assurances and expert service.

(New York, NY) Webeenthere, LLC has announced that it will launch a new referral service linking travel customers to travel agents who are experts in particular destinations and activities. Accessible through the company’s web site, will give agents strong visibility on the Internet and allow them access to a nationwide customer base.

"In the New Economy marketplace, travel agents will need to utilize all the communicative power they can, if they want to keep themselves from being bypassed.

Websites need to incorporate the off-line, traditional means of commerce," explains webeenthere’s CEO and founder, David Feit. "The Internet pure-plays are quickly realizing that they can’t ignore the existing infrastructures that have taken us decades to develop. In the travel space, the Internet has gone too far in automating travel buying. Webeenthere recognizes the value that a vast number of travel agents can provide to the public—personal, expert advice and service. We intend to harness that value through the leverage of the Internet."

Webeenthere will provide the utmost level of service and quality to its customers. All travel agents listed on the site must be approved by their business development team, and will be continually monitored. "We are going to make sure that we have a quality product, and a service that consumers will really benefit from," continued Feit.

In order to bring traffic to its member agents webeenthere is planning to embark on an extensive campaign of partnerships, licensing opportunities, cross-branding and traditional means of advertising. The service will be free for qualified agents, and all agents will be able to customize their own listing, so that agents may attract the leads that they want within their specialty.

Webeenthere currently has agreements from about 200 qualified agents, and will launch early in 2001 with 1000 specialists covering most activities and every destination in the world.

Founded, and located, in New York’s Silicon Alley, webeenthere has garnered a lot of attention in the travel community. "The response has been wonderful," reflects Feit. "Everyone loves the concept, and the agents see this as a no-brainer. When travel agents realize that we intend to give them more business, for free, they say ‘why not?’"

For more information contact Janet Ferrante at (914) 273-4732.