readies preferred program

December 24, 2002

By, Michael Milligan

NEW YORK -- An Internet marketing firm here,, is rolling out a preferred-supplier program for its network of more than 300 travel agent members.

Formerly known as,, helps its agent members, who specialize in certain destinations, to connect with consumers on the Web. said the program would provide products targeted to Travants agents from a group of preferred suppliers that offer bonus commissions and other incentives for bookings.

David Feit,'s CEO, said, "We are not releasing who [the preferred suppliers] are yet," Feit said. "We are in the latter stages of formulating who they are going to be and the deals we will set up."

Feit said members would have a say in the selection process.

"We are using a collective of our agents to make sure the suppliers that we bring on are both reputable and well liked, and appreciated by our agents and are going to give them competitive rates," Feit said.

The emphasis, Feit said, is to select preferred suppliers with which agents want to work.

"We don't want to waste the suppliers' time, and we don't want to waste the agents' time or our time by signing up suppliers that no one wants to sell," Feit said. "We want to make sure they are suppliers everyone is interested in."

Feit said some of the preferred suppliers would include large well-known suppliers and "smaller, boutique" operators that specialize in certain vacation products or specific destinations.

Travants agents with expertise in those destinations would have a say in whether the operator is signed up as a preferred.

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