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Travants Offers Travel Agents Increased Commissions through New Preferred Travel Suppliers Program

Helps suppliers market products to agents while creating lucrative incentives for agents to book with preferred suppliers

(New York, NY) - December 9, 2002 - Travants, a leader in online travel agent marketing, today announced a new program to provide select travel suppliers with superior access to Travants network of specialized travel agents. This preferred supplier program includes lucrative sales incentives for agents, such as increased commissions on bookings and credit toward Travants services.

Preferred suppliers gain an unprecedented level of marketing access to Travants' network of loyal agents. This will enable them to benefit from the growing number of customers that use Travants and its agents to plan travel, while simultaneously helping agents to increase sales and revenue.

"Travel agents remain a strong and effective channel for selling travel products. With the loss of many airline sales commissions, travel suppliers have an opportunity to help agents regain revenues by selling tours, packages and services - and in the process increase their own sales," said David Feit, CEO and founder of Travants. "It's a win-win situation where travel suppliers gain a network of direct sales advocates and agents gain new commission opportunities."

Hundreds of agents log onto the Travants system regularly to retrieve new leads and take advantage of Travants services. Travants can help preferred suppliers reach these agents with appropriate products and travel packages. In fact, Travants targets only those agents who specialize in a destination or activity that is relevant to the supplier's offering, reaching the right agent at the right time.

Closing the Loop for Agents For agents, Travants remains focused on helping them grow their business and increase sales. The preferred supplier program enhances its existing solutions for agent marketing and lead generation. Those solutions include:

  • Marketing of agents to consumers through the Travants travel-planning Website
  • Lead generation according to geographic or activity specialty
  • Providing agents with targeted offerings from preferred suppliers with increased commissions on bookings
  • Agents who book customers through preferred suppliers can earn rewards from Travants, such as enhanced agent listings, leads or sponsorship of the Travel Savvy newsletter

Travants carefully selects all preferred suppliers with input from its agents to determine demand for travel products and to ensure good business practices by each supplier. Agents work voluntarily with preferred suppliers and remain free to make their own business choices. Those agents who choose to work with preferred suppliers can benefit from the agent incentives, such as increased commissions and Travants credits.

About Travants
Travants, LLC is a leader in travel agent marketing through the Internet, bringing services and expertise to the online travel market through its carefully screened network of more than 300 travel savants. Through Travants online travel-planning Website, consumers can find highly knowledgeable travel agents specialized in nearly any location worldwide. Travel industry suppliers use Travants to market their products and information to the highest quality specialist agents and to the public. Its Travel Savvy newsletter provides another channel to reach prospective travelers. For more information visit