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Webeenthere launches site for discerning travelers to get the best possible expertise both on and offline.

Press Release – 1/16/01

(New York, NY) After months of secrecy, webeenthere, LLC has announced the formation of a network of travel agents whose expertise focusing on travel destinations or activities will now be available on the webeenthere web site. was officially unveiled early Monday morning. Soon access to the expert content will also be made available through partnerships with other consumer sites.

Webeenthere let the public in after working since February of 2000 to create a proprietary database of pre-qualified travel experts. "Our approach of building a network of experts will allow consumers to focus on the information they need rather than sort through all the clutter on the online ‘discount’ travel sites," explains founder and CEO, David Feit.

Pre-qualified, top-notch travel agents are what sets webeenthere apart from a seemingly crowded field of travel sites. "Our amazing team has worked tirelessly, and is still working to find the best and most knowledgeable travel agents, for every destination and activity," adds Feit. The webeenthere travel agents, numbering in the hundreds, were located through referrals from other travel industry colleagues. These agents were then approved and contracted. "We don’t just accept agents that come to us and pick a specialty. We talk to suppliers, and other agents to locate the best experts for each destination and travel activity. When travelers have an interest in a particular place or activity, they need expert advice on where to stay and what to do, from someone who’s been there. Current travel sites do not provide this level of service; now, the only place to go is webeenthere."

With the launching of its site, webeenthere plans to begin aggressively pursuing strategic partnerships and marketing opportunities out of its Silicon Alley location. Having assembled a top-notch management team and advisory board in travel, technology and finance, they are ready to capitalize on the growth and success of the venture.

Webeenthere, LLC is a travel start-up focused on the Internet space. Formed in early 2000, webeenthere brings service and expertise to the online travel market through its carefully screened network of expert agents.

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